Why we are working together for a brighter future!

‘Our feelings form a rainbow within, and feelings come and go, everybody has them and  it’s ok to let them show. Sometimes they need a little help, a listening ear to share. Other times they just need you to say, hello I feel you there.  – Sunny Kids Shine 2018

Welcome to the home of Sunny Kids Shine.

We introduce mindfulness to the Early Years and help make BIG feelings child size!

In this fast paced world that we live in, 1 in 4 adults and 1 in 8 children have diagnosable mental health illness.* We believe that Children’s well-being must be, without doubt, the core of all Early Years education and learning.

Whilst we can not predict the future for our children, we can equip them with the tools they need to SHINE through any storms that they may face; as confident, resilient and content young people.

Our program supports Parents, Carers and Practitioners from a variety of disciplines including education, health and social care to create emotionally enabling environments and become their children’s Emotional Coach.
We use the 5 key steps based on research by American Psychologist John Gottman which are :
1. Becoming aware of the child’s emotions
2. Recognising the emotion as an opportunity for connection and learning
3. Listening empathetically and validating the child’s feelings
4. Helping the child to be able to understand, express and mange their feelings in healthy ways
5. Setting limits and exploring strategies to be able to solve the problem at hand
We also incorporate the Conscious and Mindful Practices of Dr. Shefali Tsabary as well as supporting you to raise a Whole Brain Child using Mindsight which is a term created by Dr. Dan Siegel.
Our program builds Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence by supporting children to grow up secure in their feelings and the feelings of others, whilst building confidence and self-esteem; equipping children with a positive growth mindset and strong sense of self.
Sunny Kids Shine really is about laying a strong social and emotional foundation during the crucial Early Years of life, that truly can last a lifetime, helping children SHINE feeling:
Secure, Healthy, Independent, Nurtured and Empowered!
We offer workshops that can be delivered from your local Children’s Centre, School, Nursery or Pre-School and each workshop is related to the principles set out in the EYFS, complimenting the learning and development already taking place in your setting.
We have also recently launched our Online Membership Program, so you can now access all of our resources and the teachings of our practice from anywhere in the UK. We offer ongoing support through our Private Members Only Group, where you can also interact with other members, share ideas and access a wealth of knowledge from our team of qualified professionals.
For further information and to discuss your requirements please get in touch today.